29 Palms WGC - 2016 Events Schedule
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January 9    Flag Tournament - 9 holes (score postable)
In a Flags tournament, all golfers begin the round with a set number of strokes (related to their handicaps), and they play until their strokes run out. The player who makes it farthest on his or her allotment of strokes is the winner. Flag tournaments are popular in league play and are stable of
ladies playdays. Your flag is planted at the spot where your strokes ran out.

February 6  "Punt-Pass-Kick" 
Players will play their own ball. The drive will be your "punt", one shot from the fairway can be thrown, which will be the "pass", and one shot on the green may be kicked, which will be your "kick". Wear your favorite teams jersey.

March 12     "Green Ball" - 9 holes (score postable)
Teams of four will play their own ball except one player will be playing the "green ball" for a hole. The Green Ball score will be the team score.

March 23, (TBA)  Partners Alternate Shot Open - 18 holes
eam of two will tee off, choose the best ball and hit again. They will them alternate shots until the ball is holed out. This event is open to everyone and there will be mulligans and kp`s for added fun. An awards luncheon will be held after play.

April 9  Poker Scramble - 9 holes
Teams of four will be given 5 cards at the start of play. They can earn more for getting eagles, birdies, pars and bogeys. At the end of play the team with the best poker hand will win.

May 14  "Sinko de Mayo" - 9 holes (score postable)
This will be a stroke play event. Winner will be determined by who has the lowest amount of putts, so sharpen up your short game to win.

June 11  3-3-3 Event - 9 holes 100% hdcp
This will be a two person team event. First 3 holes will be a two person scramble. The next 3 holes will be alternate shot and the last 3 holes will be a 2 person best ball.

July & August  Dark

Sept. 10  Welcome Back Shamble - 9 holes
This is a team event.

October 1  Bingo-Bango-Bongo - 9 holes (score postable)
This is one of the most popular formats for golf association tournaments and league tournaments in the USA. Bingo Bango Bongo rewards players for three things on each hole,
being the first player in the group to get onto the green, being closest to the hole once all group members are on the green, and being the first player in the cup.

Nov 5  Two Person Best Ball - 9 holes (score postable)
In a Best Ball tournament, all members of each team play their own ball on each hole. At the completion of the hole, the lowest score among all team members serves as the team score. If there are four members on a team, and on the first hole those four golfers score 4, 7, 6, and 5, the team score is 4, because that is best ball among the four players. When played by 2 person teams at match play, best ball is know as fourball, one of the formats used at the Ryder Cup.

Dec 3  Par 3 Turkey Shoot - 12 holes
each player get two strokes to get the "Turkey" closest to the pin. There will be a winner on each hole.